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make space and time for what matters! 

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It's time to relax!  You have made the decision to conquer your clutter and transform your home into a space where you can be comfortable and feel free from being overwhelmed (fast hand clap!).  You have entered a judgement free zone where your goals and priorities will be met and confidentiality is 100%.  Doesn't if feel great?

Now Let's make space for what you love!

Maybe you’ve given organizing a go and just can’t seem to find solutions that work for you.  Perhaps you desperately want to be organized but have no idea where to start or feel you just don't have the time to be organized.

this is the first step in your organizing journey and I can't wait to start it with you.

My name is Melynda.

I’m a professional organizer, accountability partner, & putting it all in place coach that loves getting a space in order.  My experience as a former Interior Designer has given me the experience to create homes that are functional and livable.  I have an eye for aesthetics and extensive knowledge of how spaces work.  I specialize in helping incredible, crazy busy ladies, simplify, organize and transform their space to create a peaceful, clutter-free life. Thank you for taking the time to visit Order to Everything.  Let's work together to make it happen for you!

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STOP THE OVERWHELM! Find out how to start ANY organizing project with my S.O.R.R.T.™ method PLUS Get Organized in 5 Simple Steps!

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Let's find a way to work together!  Explore my customized, personal organizing services.


In home organizing is often desirable, but busy schedules and tight budgets sometimes get in the way.  Get the one on one time you desire while still accommodating your time and finances.  

Work side by side or have me do it for you.  An in home, hands on approach will give you the support and guidance you are seeking to move you through your project.

Tackling any organizing project can be overwhelming, even to those that feel they can do it themselves. Don’t know where to start or need some guidance? Get inspiration, accountability and a plan to help you stay on target.

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Whether you'd like to work side by side or have me do it all for you, I am here to help!   Schedule our time together so I can get to know a little about you and your space.  Your 30 minute phone consultation is absolutely FREE!!  

Thank you for putting order in my life. Things are so much easier for us now.
— B. B. - Arizona

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Don't forget to download my FREE guide to get you started on your next project!