You Want To Be Organized. See How A Professional Organizer Can Help!

Whether a professional organizer follows the methods of Marie Kondo or have their own, there’s more to organizing than just getting rid of stuff.

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“Hey!  Are you one of those people that goes into someone’s house and makes it all organized?”  

“Yes I am!”

“That’s so cool!  I need you in my house!”

You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve had this exact conversation and it always makes me smile.  Makes me feel kinda like a rockstar for a split second (cue the Wonder Woman stance sporting a glittery cape).  Hey, I take it where I can get it, and I do have superpowers. Just sayin’.

I love it when people ask me this because it allows me to tell them what it is I do and that being a professional organizer is an “actual thing”.  Some don’t know professional organizing is really a profession and some wish they could hire me on the spot, but not many know exactly what it is I do in my job.


Marie Kondo.  Never hear of her?  Well, maybe go check Netflix (or anywhere not under a rock) and you’ll find her.  Thanks to Ms. Kondo, society has been awakened to the world of organization and brought it into mainstream trend.  Ever hear the phrase “I’m Marie Kondoing my house”? Not quite Macgyver level yet, but almost!

I’m thankful that people are seeing organizing as a “thing” now and are super motivated to purge and make their spaces better.  At the same time however, I wish they knew what professional organizers actually do for people other than thanking their items and getting rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy.

Since everyone is on the Kondo train, I thought I would bring to the forefront what an organizer really does and how they can help. 

Whether professional organizers follow the methods of Marie Kondo (which I am not opposed to by the way. She does have an entire method that is more than just sparking joy.) or have their own, there’s more to organizing than just getting rid of stuff.

“So what can you do for me” you ask?  

Come with me.  Remember my mention of superpowers?  

Here’s a quick rundown of what a professional organizer has in store for you.

  • A Helping Hand

  • Accountability

  • Objective, Non Judgemental Point Of View

  • Experience and Expertise

  • Direction and Structure

  • Motivation and Encouragement

  • Fresh Perspective


A Helping Hand

I’m starting with the obvious, but stick with me.  Many of us have friends or family that can help them with things such as organizing but, when was the last time you asked your sister to come over and help you out?  

Sometimes a helping hand is necessary, sometimes not, but having an extra set of hands will definitely help move you through and get things done quicker.


As I questioned above, when was the last time you asked someone to help you?  You have good intentions. You know what you want to organize. You know you can do it.  So why haven’t you done it?

Organizing projects are not something that pay the bills (unless you’re me, and, I have to work on other people’s homes for that, hahaha).  We do not make them a priority and always set them aside to do “someday” or “next weekend.''  

The idea of dealing with piles, having to make hard decisions and the unknown of what to do with “the stuff” is enough to keep us away forever.  I get it. It’s not easy!


Having an accountability partner and some external expectations will get your projects on the calendar.  It will help you get started, stay on track and get you to where you want to be in your organizing journey.  You have to admit, this little guy (above) makes ya want to just go do something already, right!? 

Objective, Non Judgemental Point Of View

When you think about donating something, do you have that little “angel”, let’s call her, that sits on your shoulder and says “You know, mom would get so mad if you donate that!”?  Uh huh! I know that girl. She is so not an angel. She makes decision making so hard, right?!!!

If your mom (or sister, friend, mother-in-law, etc.) was helping you sort and purge your items, would she (they) judge you for it or make you feel bad?  


Sometimes we need someone that is not invested in the emotional part of our decision making to shed some light from a different angle.  A professional organizer walks you through your struggles and can be the physical “angel” next to you. To give a fresh perspective, validate your thoughts and give you permission to do what is best.

Experience and Expertise

As a former licensed Interior Designer and a trained organizer of NAPO and other organizing associations, I bring more to the table than just a few ideas on where to put things. 

Often times, I have clients tell me, “Oh my goodness!  I would have never thought of that!” when I simply place items in a certain way or suggest to do something.  It’s always helpful to have a new set of eyes with experience (and superpowers, my cape is blowing in the breeze right now). 

Interior Design background and NAPO aside though, organizers in general have knowledge and experience with getting your space in order that include:

  • Spatial visualization, space planning

  • Systems, strategies and organizing solutions for all areas in your home and life.

  • Use of products, services and materials.  What will work, what won’t.

  • Resources for products, services and materials.

  • The know how to maintain systems.

  • Functional and aesthetic ideas and suggestions

  • Transference of skills. Teaching and coaching.

  • Physical ability.  Hands on, installation of products and materials, etc.

Shall I keep going?  Just as you would hire a nutritionist for your health or a trainer at the gym, an organizer knows their stuff.  We all know if we eat healthy, we’ll be healthier right? We just need to know how.

Direction and Structure


There are a lot of questions and things to consider when starting to get organized.  

How do I start?  How do I know where to start”  Where do I begin? How do I do this?

A professional organizer helps you create a plan, shows you how to reach your goals and transfers skills to help you maintain what you’ve created.

Motivation and Encouragement

I was a cheerleader in high school (yes, big hair and everything).  I don’t use pom poms, or do kicks and jumps anymore, but I still get to be one as an organizer!  


Many reasons keep us from getting through our endless organizing projects.  Time, money, motivation, energy…. When you have a goal to do something, nothing makes it easier than having someone who understands and is there for you to give a push or just a little grace whenever you need it.

Fresh Perspective

Have you ever looked at something for so long that you just get completely stuck and can’t move forward?  A fresh perspective and additional eye can be the key to moving those blocks and seeing what you couldn’t see before.

This new point of view is really helpful for asking questions that you and others wouldn’t as well as seeing your space in a completely different way.


A Few Added Benefits

  • A professional organizer will save you time and money!! Being organized saves you time from searching and

    money from purchasing what you don't need.

  • You will become more productive. A clear space equals a clear mind. Being organized increases your focus and productivity.

  • Stress relief. Just as a clear space clears your mind, it also relieves stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

So there you have it.  See, we really do have some super powers!  

Need some accountability or help?  I’d love to be there for you! Message me directly here or come see me on my Facebook page here to get inspiration and organizing tips and tricks.  We even drink some wine on Wednesdays with my ‘Wine’ About It Wednesday live series. This is where you can ‘wine’ about your organizing issues and I help you out.  Can’t wait to see you there!



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