Back to School, 7 Things You Need To Know To Be Totally Prepared

For every year that school begins, there are always things us as parents need to know in order to be on top of what is to come. In this post, I have some great tips to share with you so you can stay on top of it all.  Ready to be the parent who is ‘in the know and be totally prepared?

It’s back to school time.  Are you ready?  

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My son is entering middle school this year.  Goodbye elementary school and cute chubby cheeks, hello big kids and independence! 

Since school will be starting here in less than two weeks, I decided it was time to make sure I was on top of all I needed to know to be ready for the ‘big day’.  I already have the school supplies, I will share a fab tip about this shortly, but there are other things to consider when the kiddos will be off to the classroom.

For every year that school begins, whether it’s the 3rd year of high school, 4th year of elementary school, or the 1st year of middle school, there are always things us as parents need to know in order to be on top of what is to come.

In this post, I have some great tips to share with you so you can stay on top of it all.  Ready to be the parent who is ‘in the know’ and be totally prepared? Here ya go!


The 7 Things

  1. Armed with Supplies

  2. Where’s the Bus?

  3. Got Clothing?

  4. School 411

  5. Follow the Rules

  6. Social Media Groups

  7. Keeping Them Alive With Sustenance (aka lunches/cafeteria info)

Armed With Supplies

In the past, our school had a program where you could order your supplies online and have them delivered directly to the classroom.  That, my friend, was so lovely. Just a click, and done. There are some who enjoy the hunt of all the pretty notebooks and fun erasers, but for people like me who just want it done, it was amazing I tell you. 

This year, we don’t have the luxury of this wonderful school program, but Target and a few other stores have come to the rescue!  

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I mentioned earlier that I would share a fab tip about getting school supplies, here it is.  School List Assist.  

This is an amazing program that Target has so you don’t have to spend hours trying to find your school supplies.  Yay! You can find the program here: Target List All you do is type in your school name or zip code and it will find your supply list if they have it.  The list automatically goes into your cart and boom! Supply shopping is done. Simply drive to the store and pick it up (or you can have it delivered).  Woot! It doesn’t have the cherry on top of being delivered directly to the classroom, but definitely worth it!

Don’t have a Target nearby?  Walmart, OfficeDepot and Staples have similar programs as well.  Check them out here: Walmart List, OfficeDepot List, Staples List.

These programs make supply shopping super simple and effortless. 

If your school has a program, jump on it. If not, check out these links I’ve provided for you and save time and energy that can be spent on something more fun.  Like clothes shopping. For yourself.


Got Clothing?

Ah, the piles of clothes that we get to deal with every year as our children grow.  Dontcha just love it? It’s always best, like with anything, to stay on top of them so they don’t get out of control.  

The beginning of the school season is a great time to filter through all of your kiddos clothing to make sure everything fits and they will still wear them.  …...just because it fits doesn’t mean it will go on their body, am I right?

Schedule a little clothing session with your kiddos (big ones included) to go through their things.  Have them try stuff on and give their opinions on what will really be worn and what will just be left in the drawer.  You’ll be in the know of what (if anything) you need to get for them and declutter/tidy their closet while you’re at it, score! 

School 411

This one may sound like a no brainer, but there is a lot of information to know when school begins.  Here is a quick list of some things to know:

  1. Drop off and pick up locations and times.

  2. Start and end times of the school day.  These can vary from year to year, even if by 5 minutes, so it’s always a good idea just to check.

  3. Important dates such as school holidays and performances.

  4. Phone numbers, website and PTA website

  5. Calendars/Scheduled programs and events.  These can be sneaky and sometimes you have to be proactive and look at the calendar without reminders.  There can be events before school even starts that you might not want to miss such as parties, meetups and parent info sessions. 

  6. Email signup information.  This is important so you can get updates.  Not all schools have this as an option, but check it out, they are super helpful.

  7. Parent cloud.  Most schools have a cloud system where parents can keep track of grades, notes, teacher info, etc…  Make sure you sign up.


Follow The Rules

Along with all of the information above, there are rules!  It is school ya know, ha!

Be sure to check in on all of the Policies and Procedures for the school.  Some items to look at are:

  1. Dress codes

  2. Drop off and pick up policies

  3. Tardy and absent procedures

  4. What is acceptable to bring into the school

  5. Electronic device rules

Social Media Groups

Does your school have a Facebook page or an Instagram account?  Maybe you’re a LinkedIn or Twitter gal and they have one of those.  Following your school on social media can be very helpful with being in the know.  

Be sure to check and ask around about accounts that aren’t just the school itself.  PTAs, individual grades and teachers will typically have Facebook groups to join as well.

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Keeping Them Alive With Sustenance (aka lunches/cafeteria info)

Why do they have to eat all the time, really?  

Yes, yes, we all know we have to keep our children alive.  Since it’s a necessity, this is definitely part of the 7 things to know to be prepared for school.  Whether you send your kiddo to school with a lunch everyday or they purchase it there, here are some things to consider.

  1. Are there foods that aren’t allowed in the school or the classroom?

  2. What is your child’s lunch schedule? (In case you need to take the lunch box to them that got left on the counter.)

  3. Do they need a water bottle?

  4. Are there any policies about food being brought in to the school for birthdays and other events?  

  5. How does your child pay for their food at the cafeteria?  Does the school have a program where you can prepay? Is there an app that you can use to make payments?  Does your child need to have a number or code to remember?

If you ask my son, summer ending and school beginning is the total end of the world.  I think he’d rather eat brussel sprouts twice a day. I mean, it is a bummer for them since they go from total freedom to strict schedule overnight, but for me?  I’m excited to get back to the schedule and see how well he does. Hopefully by giving you these tips in this post, you can feel confident in what back to school will bring for you and your children. 

Now go celebrate!

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