Simplify.  Organize.  Transform.

Enjoy some before and after transformations for inspiration and motivation!  Click the arrows on each photo to see before and after transformations. 

Transformations Header Gold.png

home office

Home Office - Desk/Cabinet

Home Office - Interior Drawer


Kitchen and pantry

Kitchen - Spice Cabinet


Kitchen - Pan Cabinet

Kitchen - Under Sink



Dining Hutch

Dining Hutch



Craft/Home Office Closet

Bath Linen Closet

His Closet

Oh my God! Yes! Order to Everything is what my home was screaming!
Melynda isn’t just an organizer, she’s a coach. Her ability to fix your place in hours is beyond your imagination.
Wait until you experience the feeling when she does your drawers and your closet! Warning! You’ll be addicted to getting it all nicely organized! Thank you Melynda!
— J.C. Austin